Flynn Nolan


E Pro Realty

7491 NW 4th Street Plantation, Fl 33317

Flynn Nolan is a licensed professional Real Estate Agent born and raised in Broward County whose goal is to provide exceptional customer service that is worthy of a word of mouth referral! His expertise includes buying or selling homes, farms, ranches and commercial properties, as well as representing developers, investors and tenants in a wide variety of Real Estate transactions across South Florida! Over 30 years living in Broward County, he and his mother Judy, a Broker Associate, work as a Team to go above and beyond in honoring the hopes, dreams and goals with anyone who seeks their Real Estate service. The family oriented, Team Nolan, offers a unique approach to buying, selling or investing no matter the size of the transaction! With their combined skills and experience, they are able to meet every need and guide their clients through all aspects of the Real Estate process. As a professional, Flynn focuses on staying committed to hard work, consistency, patience and perseverance. Outside of his career, Flynn loves yoga, exercise, traveling, reading, and making music as a Dj and Producer. He also loves to spend his free time with his dog, Buddha.